The Roku Media Player

A quick look at the Roku media player. This device allows any TV that has a HDMI port to become a wireless smart tv. Once connected to the HDMI port, you plug it into a power source and turn it on. After a minute or two it shows some pre-loaded Apps that are available to stream video and music.

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Even though the Apps are preloaded, you need to have a subscription to use them. Some are free to use if you input your email address but are limited to what can be done on them. Beware that free Apps usually have commercials to offset the cost to the consumer.

TCL, Sharp, and Insignia Roku TVs on display at Best Buy

The Apps that have paid subscriptions have more features available. You can also download Apps if the ones you want are not already preloaded. They come with most of the major Apps, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO and so on. You need to log into them with a username and password for them to work.

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The Roku is a small device compared to some other media players on the market. It can’t really be mounted behind the TV because the remote works off an IR sensor. If the remote is not pointed in the general direction it won’t work well.

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Roku has also introduced its own App called Roku Originals. This was launched earlier in 2021 and has a multitude of free movie, TV shows, and documentaries with many well know actors and comedians. There are thousands of free movies and shows to entertain for hours.

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The Roku is a great streaming device that can provide freedom from contract TV services provided by cable and satellite companies. You can choose the Apps that best suit your watching preferences and no longer pay for channels you would never watch.

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Keep in mind just because you claim freedom from the TV providers you are still locked into having a good internet service provider. If you do not have good internet service streaming can be annoying. You may have an abundance of buffering or will need to wait for the program to download before watching.

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A Roku provides so many choices for someone to make, it can provide many hours of entertainment. You no longer need to watch a guide channel to choose what to watch you need to pick from a list of Apps. Picking the right subscription can be the complicated decision.

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