Benefits of Having Security Cameras

Security cameras are more accessible and more affordable than ever. If you’re trying to figure out whether or not to invest in a video security system, we’ve compiled a list of the benefits associated. The bottom line is that the price of security cameras is nothing compared to the price of a home invasion. Your peace of mind is worth every penny. Let’s take a look.

  • Home invasions cost, on average, $2,799 and come with the heartbreak of dealing with the emotional impact of such a violation of your home.
  • An average of one million home invasions happen each year. Having a camera security system is a fantastic deterrent. In fact, this number is steadily declining due to the wide availability of home security cameras.
  • Security cameras, including video doorbells, keep crime down in a neighborhood simply by being present. Not only are they a deterrent, but thieves know that video/photo evidence can be irrefutable in court. They think twice when they see one installed.
  • Depending on which homeowner’s insurance company you sign on with, you could get a hefty discount by installing security cameras on the property.
  • If a burglary still occurs, you’ll have undeniable evidence for your insurance claim.
  • Even if the crime doesn’t happen at your house, your camera security system could capture the tag on the car or the face of a criminal causing issues nearby.
  • Indoor security cameras can give you peace of mind when hiring a babysitter or nanny or if you leave an elderly parent at home for a few hours.
  • Teenagers with security cameras in the house are less likely to make bad decisions, like throwing unapproved parties or inviting over less than savory friends.
  • For parents of children ages 12 and above, you can see when your child gets home from school and know quickly if they didn’t make it home.

While that’s a great list concerning peace of mind, a few benefits just make life easier or more enjoyable. Knowing when a package or food order arrives on your doorstep is always welcome, as is checking to see who is knocking on your front door in the middle of the day. Other perks include being able to watch wildlife on your property without alerting them to your presence. Some camera systems are integrated with smart home features, too, so when you walk up and the facial recognition sees you, your house will turn on the proper lighting and temperature system and might even strike up your favorite song. These ancillary benefits might seem silly, but if you’re already installing security cameras, you might as well take advantage!

The truth is that price is no longer an issue. You can get a decent security camera system for under $200. It’s time to shop around and figure out which system fits your needs and budget, then get ready to buy and install. You won’t regret the decision, but you might regret not doing it!