Different Types of Security Cameras

Buzz the Bee wanting to share some information on security cameras. There are many different styles of cameras on the market these days. Each have their own advantages and uses.

CCTV otherwise known as closed circuit television video surveillance allows a person to self-monitor their security feed live. These are popular among many people who don’t want an outside cost for a monitored system. There are no monthly costs associated with a CCTV system.

Security cameras

Monitored systems have a fee from a service provider. They connect to your internet or phone line and notify authorities in a case of an emergency. Depending on the service one chooses determines the cost associated. A static IP is required for the security company to remote view, these tend to cost more from your ISP.

Security Guard Sleeping In Control Room Security System Operator Talking On Phone

Analog systems have a Siamese cable, one to carry the power and the other for video. The video is a BNC connector that twist together with locking nubs. The power has a male and female connection. These are still available on the market today but are growing less popular as the picture quality is more demanding. These also only come mostly in black, white is available but not common.

CCTV outdoor camera on a wall

POE or power over Ethernet are a better way to have high-definition resolution video. A POE has four twisted pairs wrapped withing a plastic coating. It carries video, sound, and power to the cameras from the receiver. These are cleaner connections compared to the BNC connectors. It is one cable that comes in a variance of colors.

Realistic digital webcam, 3D security video cams

Wireless cameras are only completely wireless if they have a battery. These connect to a wireless router to provide connectivity for remote viewing. Ones that are not powered by a battery must be plugged into a power source. In most cases the power cord is only a few feet in length, meaning a power outlet or extension is required.

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Trail cameras can be used as a form of security on land or remote areas. These have a wireless card built inside or one can get a SIM card from a cellular company if service is available in the area. They are triggered on motion and take a short video or snapshot. A trail camera needs to be check and the batteries need to be recharged.

Fake display cameras are the cheapest available because they do not record. It looks and appears as a real camera but is just a decoy. They are used as a deterrent and have minimal power for the indicator light to ward off unwanted guests. The major cost is the unit with no recuring fees.

CCTV cameras mounted on the wall

Drone cameras are become more frequent. They can be used a security if someone is available to control it. The batteries do not last long, and the recording usually must be saved on a SD card though the control device, limiting to how much can be recorded. The technology is rapidly advancing on these, someday they may be auto configured to act as a security guard and make rounds on a timer.

Drone with security surveillance cameras, 3D rendering

Being aware of the different types of security cameras will help choosing what is best for your needs. Having the right security camera saves time and money but can also provide the security you desire.