Conference Platforms

If 2020 and 2021 taught us anything, it’s the importance of being able to connect with coworkers via the internet on our home computers. Many companies have moved their offices out of the real world and straight into the realm of remote employment. There are some big names on the list of those who are transitioning, including Amazon, Adobe, Apple, Capital One, Facebook, DropBox, Hubspot, Microsoft, Reddit, Nationwide Insurance, Shopify, Slack, Spotify, Twitter, Upwork, and Verizon… to name a few! Conferences and networking are still crucial, though, and platforms are stepping up. Let’s look at the top platforms in use and what they offer. Believe it or not, Zoom isn’t the best option!


In-person meetings allow people to speak with each other, ask questions, and network. Wonder seeks to recreate that experience online. Instead of hundreds of people staring at tiny icons, Wonder uses small group capabilities that allow people to initiate conversations organically. It’s free and perfect for virtual networking.


Perfect for companies large and small, Weve offers everything you could want in a virtual meeting platform, plus some side fun to keep employees engaged. From live broadcasts to screen sharing, breakout meetings to team building, this platform is changing how companies interact with their employees. The rates are based on the attendance, starting at $299, and include actual games like trivia and Pictionary to build coworker relationships.


If you’re looking for the perfect virtual conference experience, GoldCast tops the list. This one is all about B2B marketing, which any company worth their salt knows is essential. It can be used for quick conferences or week-long events and is fully customizable for each brand. There’s no limit to attendees, and it has a tremendous data-capture function for feedback moving forward.


With the ability to connect up to 100,000 people, this platform doubles as an event coordinator. You can exchange virtual business cards, do live video meetings, view keynote presentations, and check out interactive expos. This is the future of trade shows, and it’s available now. It’s free for up to 100 guests, too, allowing you to give it a thorough test run before committing to something more significant.


For businesses that can’t function without employee collaboration, Miro is the answer. You get access to video conferencing and endless canvases and whiteboards, which every attendee can manipulate. It’s the best choice for brainstorming sessions and digital visual collaboration. Even better, it’s free!


The professional world runs on team meetings, but everyone is tired of the same old Zoom call where interruptions put everything on hold. Rume has taken this unimaginative idea and turned it into a fully functional option. Employees start in one massive space then pair or team off before reconvening to share information. This keeps interruptions to a minimum. There are also super fun breakout rooms full of games when everyone needs a break.