MP3 Players and iPods

If you’re one of those people that don’t want to jump on the smartphone bandwagon but still want access to your favorite music on the go, you’ve probably considered investing in an MP3 player or iPod. While many think this is outdated technology, that couldn’t be further from the truth. These music players are still available if you know where to look, and they are amazing. Let’s go over the best MP3 players on the market today! You might find exactly what you’re looking for to play all your favorite tunes!

Mighty Vibe

This little device is great for those on the go. It’s super compact and designed to play your carefully curated Spotify lists and Amazon music without needing an internet connection. It clips onto your clothing and is both drop-proof and water-resistant, making it the perfect choice for working out and getting things done. It can hold thousands of songs and comes in three colors: Zazzy Black, Gully Blue, and Mooshu Red. It’s 1.5” square and works with both Bluetooth and wired headphones or speakers. One charge lasts five hours, too, which is plenty of time to burn all those calories. The downside is the price. This little Mighty Vibe costs $119.99.


If you spend a lot of time near the water, the Syryn Swimbuds Flip is what you want. It’s not water-resistant; it’s waterproof. It’s designed to connect to the back band of your swim goggles, and the headphones are included. It also has 8GB of storage, which is a decent amount of space for music. It has three simple buttons: volume and track control down, play and pause, and volume and track control up, with a shuffle feature that’s a bit hard to control. It can play the music you’ve downloaded from iTunes, but cannot support Apple Music, so don’t get your hopes up too high! It also only comes in red. Still, for $70, it’s an excellent choice for professional swimmers and anglers.

Apple iPod Touch

No MP3 player list would be complete without the Apple iPod. While it doesn’t come in a tiny cute package, it offers a lot of perks. For one, Apple Earbuds are included when you purchase. For two, you can get it in 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage capabilities. Even better, it has a touch screen that allows you to iMessage and FaceTime, as well as play games and take pictures. It even has internet access when connected to WiFi. It comes in six different colors: red, gold, grey, blue, pink, and silver, and is priced at $199.99, brand new for the 32GB version. You can find many of them used for a fraction of the price if need be.