What Features Are In the Best Security Cameras

Today’s technology is continuously advancing day by day. When shopping for security cameras one should have an idea of what is available now. Here is a list of features available today from different security cameras.

  • Night vision
  • Motion Detection
  • Deterrence
  • PTZ
  • Two-way communication
  • Wireless
  • Facial recognition
  • Person and vehicle detection
  • Doorbells

Night vision can now be found on most of the security system on the market today. Some have night vision clarity up to 160’. You can have night vision on both interior and exterior cameras. Even in complete darkness a night vision camera can show the area being covered. However, there are drawbacks to night vision cameras, ones that have IR lighting that glows red will attract bugs. I have even seen spiders set up a web next to an IR night vision camera at night and be gone the next morning.

Motion detection is a great feature for a security system. Make sure the device you choose has this, but also make sure it is customizable. You should be able to set the sensitivity and area to have motion detection. In some cases, a set time for motion detection may be the best solution. If you have a lot of cameras and they are not set up, your motion detection notifier may be set off constantly many times

A security camera deterrence offers ways to ward off unwanted guests. A motion lights that also triggers a camera is one good deterrence. They also have ones that have a siren to scare off possible threats. These features can be controlled through an App by the provider. If you choose a monitored security system, the company monitoring would have the control for these features, and they too may call the authorities for you.

PTZ also known as Pan Tilt Zoom. These cameras allow a user to move the camera remotely to get different views. These have been available for many years but have progressed incredibly. Outdoor PTZ cameras are incased in a glass bubble to protect the camera from the elements. Some indoor PTZ cameras also have the glass bubble, but some just are a camera on a swivel allowing it to cover a large area by moving.

Two-way communication might be a feature one wishes to have for their camera. A mini microphone is built into some cameras to allow two-way communication. This is becoming popular for people who want to talk through their cameras when they are not available to do in person. Parents and employers can find a great use of this feature by remotely monitoring and communicating with children or employees. I have heard of people doing this for their pets as well, to let the pet know you are there, and they do not get lonely.

Wireless cameras can be a good solution for many. One thing to consider with wireless cameras is how to power them. Only battery powered wireless cameras are truly wireless. If planned out properly these are effective security system. The cameras receive signal from a receiver to allow the video to be watched or recorded. Pay attention to the specifications on these they can be placed only so far away from the receiver to work.

A newer feature in security cameras is facial recognition. These cameras will take a snapshot of a person’s face for you to see who it is close. The systems that do this also have good zoom capabilities. Once a person gets within the range it will notify the user, if it is set up, that a person has been detected.

Vehicle and person detecting is also a newer feature available on many security systems. Once the object is detected it will send out a notification. Some even let you know if an object is detected or if an object has been moved. More than likely if an object has been moved it would have set off some of the other detections.

Ever so popular now is the video doorbell. These are made by several different manufacturers. Theses allow people to have a doorbell for a visitor to ring and communicate with them by never opening the door. These have motion sensors to let you know if someone is at your door before they even ring the bell.

There are many great features in security today. With technology ever growing so rapidly who knows what will be next.